Whipps Nettington Competition

Hello everyone!

If you've been listening for awhile then I am sure you have heard the name Whipps Nettington thrown around. A character who relies solely on netting their adversaries and whipping them into submission.

I've had a lot of people ask me "What class is Whipps Nettington?!" or offer up their own suggestions. And we figured we'd turn it around on you all!

So today marks the start of our first M&M character creation tournament!

We want you to make Whipps Nettington in whatever way you feel they will be best represented. Rules are as follows

  1. Submissions will begin starting today 6/26, and must be sent by DM to me on reddit at /u/jarredshere or on Twitter @Monsters_Multi
  2. Submissions will end in 2 weeks 7/20
  3. Characters should go up to level 20
  4. Everything must follow 5th edition Rules As Written. No "If your DM will allow it" stuff.
  5. No UA, no Homebrew, but no limit on official material sources
  6. Stats will use standard point buy
  7. Feats are allowed
  8. RAW Magic items are allowed as long as they require attunement (If you have something that falls outside of this but want to include it please ask)
  9. You should include a summary of how the character works. Doesnt have to be a step by step guide, but highlights. It will make voting much easier
  10. Depending on the amount of entries we will either do a daily tournament pitting 2 against each other (8 or more entries), or we will do a single day, vote for your favorite 2 (7 or less).
  11. 1st place gets $40 dollars of M&M merch, 2nd place will get $20

Some fringe rulings that are easier to bring up now.

-Nets do not get sneak attack, nor gain the benefit of sharpshooter damage

-Crossbow expert does get rid of disadvantage when throwing a net

Happy character building everyone! If you have any questions feel free to post em here for everyone to see!

Round 1 of voting