The Artificer

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We’re doing Artificer instead of the Cleric/Fighter. That will come next week

We want to start doing multiclass breakdowns with the Artificer so we figured we’d do a class overview first.

First thoughts

This has some good flavor and fits a new niche. They did a good job of making this feel like a wholly new class

We have some 2017 Artificer talk. We had one at the table back then. It was a silly class

Core Class Overview

1st Level Spell Casting

Half caster that gets spells at level 1 is a bit odd. Puts you ahead of the curve on other half casters

Magical tinkering is the same as March 2019 UA

1 level dip doesn’t feel great. Magical tinkering and a bit of spell casting is nowhere near as good as a cleric of fighter 1 level dip.

Back to basic skills! Notable one is the Constitution Saving Throw proficiency. Really nice for prof in concentration checks.

Question on if Sleight of Hand is fitting as a skill.

Taking expertise in Sleight of Hand is a sign that you are a klepto.

Spell casting is nothing new or special. But the flavor of how it’s casted is nice. Using artisan tools to cast is great flavor

Can replace a cantrip on a level up. In the 2019 UA you could change on a long rest at level 10.

What is a cantrip? Will’s defense of why you shouldn’t be able to change them often.

Can Will still play Bass guitar? Probably not no.

Are you subscribed to Wizards weekly?

2nd Level Infusions

Artificers will be different based on who is playing them. Infusions change up play style so drastically that even the same subclass will come across differently

Infusions feel barebones right now. The hope is that they add more in the future but this is a good stable core.

Homunculus is now an Infusion instead of a whole subclass. This feels a little bit better but it’s similar to a familiar but a bit heartier.

Better infusions in comparison. We geek out over the Radiant Weapon infusion

Jarred gave multiple people +3 weapons in an old campaign. What a dummy

Artificers might feel lackluster when magic items and money are plentiful

There’s a balance to find with giving magic items around an Artificer

No one silvers weapons, it’s not really worth it, and it’s a horrible metal to turn into a weapon.

How important is a +1 to spell attack bonuses?

Why aren’t there more infusions? They seem limited.

Talk about some of the items on the Replicate Magic Item infusion

Selling a magic item scam as an artificer

Every game has a Bag of Holding. Is it necessary?

Pipes of Haunting are weird. They seem like strange flavor for an Artificer

What the heck is up with the ventilation lungs?

Min/Maxing with stat boosting items is rude

Prosthetic limbs are super cool. Would an artificer cut off their limb to get one?


3rd Level The Right Tool for the Job.

Changed from the UA in March. Kinda super worthless now once you can buy all of the artisan tools

From a MC perspective level 1-3 are looking pretty weak.

6th level Tool Expertise

Doubling prof bonus on tools is great and flavorful

7th Level Flash of Genius

Very useful skill. But the flavor of it can be tough to justify. Thinking of something clever as a reaction is hard to do as a real life player. It can be okay to justify for your own reaction but for others it can be tough. Ignoring it robs them of how cool it can be to have a “flash of genius”

Jarred feels weird about both the resource and the bonus being tied to the Int Mod.

Everyone else calls him dumb

Jarred is looking for a new table as he is tired of Kevin and Will bullying him for his on the fly explanations that aren’t always rooted in reality

10th Level Magic Item Adept

Ability around crafting common/uncommon items. Makes it very easy to make uncommon items. This also makes uncommon items pretty common as they will probably spend all their time and money on magic items

Kevin notes that you can make potions, scrolls, other consumables

Crafting as a whole is fairly ignored in 5e. Downtime is something you get in Adventure League but can be ignored in campaign play

PCs generally don’t think about their “free time” and what they can make in that time. Downtime activities need to thought of more.

There needs to be a True Neutral Carousing table

11th Level Spell Storing Item

Has to be a spellcasting focus or weapon

It’s really easy to store it in SOMETHING

Doesn’t take a spell slot to fill

Spell doesn’t need to be prepared

Does need to take an action to cast

Go over some good spells to put in

Grease (cause it’s fun)



Cure Wounds (Which might be a little broken)

Scorching ray for the Artillerist


You can store twice your Int mod in the spell. This kinda ruins something like lay on hands. Nothing is stopping you from putting Cure Wounds in here 10 times at second level and getting 20d8+50 worth of healing every day without any resource cost

We should make a healing knife

And also we need to harass Jeremy Crawford about this.

14th Level Magic Item Savant

Extra attunement Slot

Ignore class, level, and race restrictions. Doesn’t come up too often but it’s nice

18th Level Magic Item Master

Gives you six attunement slots.

20th Level Soul Artifice CAPSTONE

Fantastic for the Artificer. +6 to Saving Throws unless you mess something up.

Will wants to play level 20 (But quietly)

Also really hard to get dropped as its only a reaction to drop an infusion to not drop.

We complain about the Ranger Capstone (again)


If you already have proficiency in your subclasses tool you can take a different artisan tool. Jarred laments about how WoTC must have listened to him because and artificer who goes to the alchemist subclass who doesn’t already have prof in alchemists tools would be dumb.

All seem pretty flavorful and are pretty good. This is definitely going towards a support type class
How did they turn the zombies in RE into zombies? Does it matter for an artificer alchemist? No

3rd level Experimental Elixir

Jarred says he’s going to read it all

Kevin says not to read it all so I guess we just summarize it (Kevin regrets this later I promise)

We get confused around when you roll on the table. Conclude on rolling when you create it, the effect happens when you drink it.

Deciding which one you make if you expend a spell slot is helpful

Overall we decide that this is “okay”. It’s really not too powerful but are kinda nice flavor wise. Not having to concentrate on these things are the real benefit. It can also be hard to use in combat since these all take an action to chug.

Kevin finally admits we should have just read the paragraph because it was kinda confusing

5th Level Alchemical Savant

Nice flavorful, the limit on damage types kinda sucks but it makes sense. There aren’t many lightening potions. The bonus to HP makes it feel worth it. Overall, this feels better than the core class ability from the 2019 where everyone got an extra attack. This lets the artificer feel like more of a caster and support role if they want. Instead of a weird fighter.

9th Level Restorative Reagents

Temp HP gained when drinking an elixir. Makes it more worthwhile to drink as an action and you get 12 temp HP on average (Not 11 as stated in the episode. 3.5 is the average for a d6, not 3)

Casting lesser restoration for free without preparing up to your int mod is just a great cherry on top really.

15th Level Chemical Mastery

The flavor of it is a bit silly but it is useful to have resistance to acid and poison damage and poisoned condition

King Mithridates had this ability (kinda)

Casting Greater Restoration and Heal once per day is beautiful.

Heal is a free 70HP and ends some bad conditions.



Once again fit the flavor. All of these are damage dealing spells except for shield

This is obviously going for a damage dealing Artificer, no shocker there!

3rd Level Eldritch Cannon

You can make the cannon on the ceiling if you want. It’s horizontal!

Flamethrower is good. Most likely will be a target as it has to get so close. People aren’t going to want to get burned every turn. Benefit is that attacks might be focused on the canon instead of PCs

Force Ballista does solid damage and you can keep it so far back that most things won't be able to attack it. It’s less damage but it’s really nice. The push is nice. Nothing wrong with some crowd control. This feels better than the flamethrower but…flame thrower is cooler

Protector feels good at low levels but doesn’t scale as well as the Flamethrower and Force Ballista. Can be good in the right party comp if you have a reason to be grouped.

5th Level Arcane Firearm

Add extra damage. Seems to fit perfectly well. Average damage will be higher than the Alchemists which seems fair. And no restrictions

9th Level Explosive Cannon

Cannon damage goes up by 1d8, nice

As an action you can make the canon detonate and deal 3d8 damage on a failed save. This is super cool but the action to use it feels a little weak. It also cannot be used when the cannon hit’s 0. It has to have health still. We all agree that a reaction to detonate when it hit’s 0 HP feels a bit more balanced.

15th Level Fortified Position

Half cover to all allies nearby. This applies to melee and ranged attacks. Basically a free +2 AC
Also make a second cannon! Is this for free or do you have to spend a spell slot for the second one on the first one of the day?

Additional Closing Thoughts
This feels like one that needs played but it seems like it does some solid damage. Will is disappointed that you can’t blow up both at the same time

Battle Smith

Feels like a combo of the first two classes. It’s a combat medic. Kinda support, kinda damage


Mix of damage and support. Feels a lot like a Paladin. Aura of Vitality confirms that

3rd Level Battle Ready

Int fighter is really cool and Kevin is excited to see this with a Bladesinger Wizard

Steel Defender

Works a lot like the Homunculus infusion but is a bit stronger.

You cannot revive it in combat unless you have 11 rounds

Can’t be surprised which is nice if you want to use them as a watchdog.

It’s repair is nice but mostly it will be used on itself.

Deflect attack is great. It’s reaction to impose disadvantage is something you will want to use every turn.

5th Level Extra Attack

Only Artificer that gets an extra attack. I wouldn’t expect anything else!

9th Level Arcane Jolt

This ability is pretty okay, extra 2d6 damage or healing on a hit. And you can use it for your defender as well.
Limited by the Int mod to at most 5 times per day makes it a little less good. Or a lot less good.

15th Level Improved Defender

Better Arcane Jolt. No complaints

Steel Defender FINALLY gets more AC 17 at 15th level is just not that great

Dealing 1d4+Int mod, which is most like 5 for an average of 7 damage reflected just isn’t that great.

Final Thoughts

The class itself is just okay. It seems fun to play.

Has a ton of MC potential. You get a bunch of stuff at 3rd level.

With a Rogue you could give yourself sneak attack with a more beefy familiar

Thanks for listening (or reading)!

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