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Are you looking to jump behind the DM screen but worry about being at a loss for words? What if a team of professional writers were sitting right there beside you during your prep and in-game, helping you describe your world and bring it to life!? dScryb is the next best thing. dScryb offers over 1400 scenes of places, monsters, and spells, and the collection keeps growing: They’re just like boxed text from your favorite adventure book, but designed to be read-aloud in your own campaign. Start the adventure of a lifetime with the help of dScryb’s finely crafted boxed text.

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The Crafty Gamer provides high quality D&D themed candles, soaps, T-shirts, and more! Use the candles to set the mood of your game. Or just show off your neat d20 soap to friends as they all try to smell you and say that "yes you do smell like a barbarian"!


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