Strategy Thoughts on the Orc Claw of Luthic

Have you ever used an Orc Claw of Luthic?  

I love abilities that come into play when a creature hits half health. It gives the party a feeling of progress while potentially terrifying them.

The Orc Claw of Luthic ramps up at half HP gaining 4 attacks. That's a considerable amount of attacks for a CR 2 creature.

One of the things I dont love is in their lore they are considered a healer. Generally healing would come out midway/later in the fight. But if they are at half health they get this opportunity to take 4 attacks in a round.   It'd be horrible to waste that "fury" stage!

My recommendation is to keep this enemy in the back of the fight to start. They focus on staying in back and using up as many spell slots as possible.   Cure wounds at 3rd level? No problem!  Use Warding Bond to let residual damage bring it to it's berserk mode.

This way you can control better when it gets to half health.  You can even put it on your big hitter and use all the cure wounds on the Claw of Luthic. Just making sure they both stay up longer.

In summary:
Turn 1: Warding bond Stay back

2: Heal itself if needed or Bestow curse on your big hitter stay back Seriously.

3: Heal if it's still feasible, or if it's below half health time and it looks like the big hitter is going down, time to run in and start swinging