D&D 6E Ideas, Fixing Multiclassing, and More! It's our 100th Episode Extravaganza!!

It's finally here - Episode 100! We answer your questions, covering all aspects of the game we love - D&D 5E

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:29 - Changing view points from when we first started
00:09:08 - How would you fix Booming Blade?
00:17:07 - How would you fix Berserker Barbarian?
00:26:21 - Party of 3 having to infiltrate a castle and get the queen to abdicate the throne to her daughter. What are your builds?
00:34:40 - How kill Nagpa?!
00:36:15 - Any changing opinions specifically on the Tasha's subclasses?
00:40:56 - What changes would you like to see in a theoretical 6E?
01:01:34 - How do you like to handle leveling up and how frequently?
01:13:49 - What D&D crossovers would you choose if you could choose from anything?
01:23:46 - What changes would you make to how multiclassing works?
01:31:04 - How do you feel about everyone getting a free feat at level 1?

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