DnD Veterans Try Out Pathfinder 2e - Should You Make the Switch?

In this episode we take a hard look at Pathfinder! After years of DnD we finally give Pathfinder 2e a proper try and dive into all the differences and try to answer the question - should you make the switch??

0:00:00 - First Thoughts and Initial Feelings
0:03:22 - Action Economy Differences (3 actions vs 1)
0:16:03 - Gradient Proficiencies and Bounded Accuracy vs "Big Numbers"
0:29:13 - The Adventuring Day (wearing down resources vs everything at full)
0:40:47 - Spellcasting and The Magic System
0:54:10 - Character Creation (Ellie's Favorite!)
1:11:47 - Closing the Martial-Caster Gap and Varied Equipment
1:18:07 - Magic Item Differences and Upgrading Basic Equipment With Runes
1:26:21 - Pre-Made Monster Differences
1:33:45 - Multiclassing vs Archetypes
1:38:33 - Should You Make the Switch?!

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