Bards Through the Ages - With Special Guest Zipperon Disney!

On this episode of Monsters & Multiclass we take a look back at D&Ds Bard class! What makes a bard a bard anyways? How has it changed over time? What does the class lack? What can be done about it in the future?

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00:00:00 - What is a Bard?
00:21:35 - The PHB Bard, starting out strong
00:36:21 - Xanather's era
00:46:35 - Theros' Eloquence
00:51:44 - Minor Changes in Tasha's
00:56:35 - The Odd College of Spirits
01:01:38 - The Bard Rework in Galder's Gazetteer

Intro music by @Thisisbardcore.

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