Barbarian/Cleric and Hutijin, From Mythic Encounters

Show Notes


Multiclassing requirements of 13 Strength and 13 Wisdom.

Due to Barbarians being unable to cast spells or concentrate while raging

Jarred keeps thinking Barbarians need Wisdom for no reason

Some non-concentration spells can work. Spiritual Weapon.

Lets you choose if you want to be the spell caster or the martial class in that particular fight. It's an MC that makes you pretty good in both cases. But not great in either.

Barbs can't wear heavy armor while raging. This hurts the MC a lot as the good Cleric domains for this get heavy armor prof.

Have to think about your stats a lot with this. You are going to have to sacrifice Constitution more than most Barbarians would want.

Extra d8 for Divine Strike can be great with this even if it's once per turn, and on your turn. We aren't sure if you can use it with an Attack of Opportunity. But it looks like you cannot.

5th level for Barbarian is going to be important to get your second attack. Seems like a good place to stop for Barbarian.

The AC when unarmored may be useful depending on how your group thinks about armor. If you are always considered wearing armor then it's not as great. If you have to take it off at night it's pretty useful.

Non-concentration spells again that may be worthwhile, Blindness/Deafness, Aid, any non-combat spells.

Divine Strike is never really used unless you make a melee cleric. Melee just doesn't work for clerics and I blame Toll the Dead

Death Domain/Barbarian conversation

Why you can/should let someone use the Death Domain

Nature Domain discussion

Tempest/Storm Herald Discussion

Jarred forgets that it takes a bonus action to activate an aura

Lightning damage comes up a lot less than lightning flavored classes want it to come up

Why don't Tempest Domain Clerics get Lightning Bolt?


What makes YOU rage?

Back to Death Domain, now with Zealot Barbarian added!

Zealot's ribbon ability of not needing components to be brought back is great unless you are the one expected to do the reviving.

Detecting whether or not something is Undead is a waste of time. But hey it's kinda funny.

Giving vulnerability is such an awesome Channel Divinity. Grave Domain is great.

War Domain sucks. It's not good here. Stop trying. It sucks. No Kevin. Don't even bring it up again. I am done. It sucks.

Ancestral Guardian is good with Cleric as you can sick your ancestors on them. And you can reduce some damage by 2d6. Mix it with Life cleric for the ultimate protector

1 Crap Load = 5x your Cleric level

Overall there are some fun things. Will has some hesitancy as he thinks you're going to regret choosing to rage at some points.