Artificer/Wizard, Steeders, and Our Favorite Tri-Multiclasses


Artificer: The magical tinkerer and inventor, this half caster generally plays a support role that varies quite a bit based on their subclass. But the one thing that stays the same are their infusions, where they can make magical items.

Wizard: The full caster with the ability to learn the most spells in the game. They are nerds who learn magic by reading books all day. If artificers are the magical engineers, wizards are the magical scholars.

First Thoughts: Will thinks they classes are similar in a way so it seems like it should be easy. But they are two different philosophies on magic. So it comes out oddly.

Kevin agrees and adds Artificer just hasn't given many great multiclasses due to their first 3 levels. This is the one time that a dip into artificer is good though as it doesnt slow down your spell slots and gets you armor, and if you start it at level 1, prof in Con STs.

Jarred: 3 dip into artificer is generally going to hold back your wizard a bit too much to feel worthwhile.

The biggest thing you have to think about with this is whether or not what you get from artificer is actually worth it compared to higher Wizard spell levels.

Infusions are nice but generally the magic items just aren’t worth it at their lower level. Theyre nice but you will probably get those somewhere else.

The INT overlap does make this easy. But INT is a bit underutilized in 5e.

Their focus is different which...depending on your DM can be a problem. We recommend just ignore the focus aspect as it’s not very interesting or fun in this case.

Juggling focuses is quite silly. Unless you’re actually juggling the focuses. In which case it’s awesome.

There can be some fun in character options as well. Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster have good options.

Mostly Artificer with a dip into wizard can be really nice. Arcane tradition, a lot of low level spells and a larger spell pool. Arcane recovery as well which pairs up nicely with the Artificers 3rd level abilities that come back with first level spells. Which arcane recovery gets you even more of.

Artillerist can even let you use that cannon’s explosive ability at 9 Artificer as you can blow up the cannon and summon it back without feeling like you’re wasting all of your spell slots.

Kevin brings up that Divination is good. Again. As usual. GOD DAMN KEVIN. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS BRING UP DIVINATION WIZARDS?!?!

Flash of Genius + Portent would be really cool for the mechanical overlap. And you can reflavor portent as a magic item. Like VR goggles that can see into the future and play Half-Life Alyx

Overall Slowing down artificer or holding back the last 5 levels isnt the end of the world. The level 15 subclass capstone is more important than the level 20 one.

So 15 Arti 5 wizard would actually be great. You get 3rd level wizard spells, a ton more spell slots for it, still hit max Artificer spell slots

Bladesigner and battlesmith: Limit yourself to one handed weapon, no shield, and have to wear light armor. There is a lot of overlap. Its a weird trade off.

Reminder that dropping a shield is a whole action.

Some discussion around what you can use with the bladesong.

Will doesnt like the flavor crossover. Why would a bladesinger have a robot?

Kevin forgets that Bladesong is twice per short rest. You’ll basically have it every fight.

War Magic: Probably better for a 2 level dip than Bladesong. Usually not great for an MC but when your INT is +5 anyways it adds 5 to your initiative.

It creates a bit of reaction overlap but the war magic unlimited use is more useful more times than flash of genius.

There is a bit of an overlap with the warcaster feat as the reaction to cast a spell on OA attacks gets ruined. But generally isnt a huge deal.

The flavor for these two leaves something to be desired. The move from one to another just makes sense.
9 Artificer 5 wizard would be a good reasonable build.

Overall we are underwhelmed. It’s just kinda boring. Not much synergy.