Artificer/Monk and the Shadow, with guests from World Forge Pod

Show Notes

World Forge Introduction

Artificer/Monk Introduction

Multiclassing Requirements of 13 Int, 13 Dex, 13 Wisdom

First thoughts

Flavor wise it has some combos. Mechanics not particularly.

Monks have a very singular focus, where artificers can be Jack of All Trades to some extent.

Monks are difficult to multiclass with due to their stat requirements.

Character idea:

Monastic order focused on transhumanism. They view flesh as inherently flawed. So they use technology to make themselves better.

They view the soul as a vessel, so replacing your parts means nothing!

The Witcher, Alchemist + Kensai or maybe Drunken Master. The overlap isn’t great mechanically.

With Kensai + Artificer, you can use your calligrapher's supplies to cast spells.

Kensai + Artillerist

Force Ballista is actually better than the monks unarmed attack until later Monk Levels. 2d8 wins out unless you have flurry of blows and something to do with flurry of blows.

2 into Artificer does give you some infusions. Will take awhile to really benefit.

This makes you an underleveled monk and artificer. But gives you some versatility for when you run out of spells and you won’t need to

Stunning Strike + Force Ballista is a great combo. Even if you can’t do it all the time. You do get rid of some reliance on ki.

Real Steel Rockem Sockem Robot is a monk artificer.

Battle Smith would be the best way RAW. It doesnt work super well.

You probably do not need high Int for this multiclass. Getting it to 13 and stopping is all you need generally. But the Battle Smith does suffer HP wise with low Int.

What drives this type of character to adventure?

Final thoughts

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Lore overview

Lowest CR we’ve ever talked about as a standalone

One of the easiest monsters to perma die from at a low CR.

You can die, get revived, and lose your shadow.

What does a missing shadow imply?

Shadows only make new shadows if they kill a good aligned person

Great for breaking expectations for a campaign

Different ways to use shadows

Town Infection of shadows

Wizard using shadows as guards to their tower

The Kobold Question

How to craft memorable villains

Make them truly believe what they say

Lots of panache

Sometimes they just need to be super evil. In can be Cathartic to kill them
They should blow the party out of the water on intellect, moral standings, and be right in every way. But they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals


Try making a villain with all of these